I am calling a Mulligan on:


This week



Most of next week

Yesterday was the most insane-a-balls day I have had in a long time.  I am going to just throw it all out there.  One short paragraph.

Go to work for three hour webex training.  My pod/desk has been moved all my shit is strown about and unhooked. WTF.  Hook everything back up.  School calls.  My youngest has a hermit crab bite and needs to go home.  WTF.  I reschedule Webex, I drive the HOUR to go to his school and he has an infected toe.  Which I found out later he did himself, no hermit crab assistance.  I take him to the doc just in case.  Then my oldest’s son school calls.  He needs to be picked up.  WTF.  Come to find out my youngest’s cold is worse than they thought breathing treatment, heavy antibiotic.  Go to get my other son, drop them off, go to fill Rx.  Get home, haven’t eaten all day.  My cat claws my upper thigh because she hasn’t eaten in 30 min.  TV bulb blows out.  Then I finally log back in and work for two hours.



Yep, that was me right around the cat-apuncture incident.

That was one long ass paragraph for me.  I hope I didn’t bore anyone.

Fuck yesterday.

Oh and fuck today, I now have a sore throat.  One week before my last day.  Two sick kids, and now I am getting it.

Sorry for all the Fucks, I would say I don’t give one, but I think I just passed out around ten.

I just re-read all this and I sound like a pissed off, drunk, angry sailor.  I normally strive to be more lady-like, worldly, and sophisticated, but fuck it.


As always,

Woman on Pause

Last photo credit:  http://global3.memecdn.com/wtf-ftw-meaning_o_297288.jpg

6 thoughts on “FTW? No, WTF

  1. I laughed at the end with the funny meme. I know it seems frustrating, but look at it this way. You are strong mother who was able to stay calm enough to handle all these things. Your sons definitely appreciate all you do for them. Great post and best of lucks with everything. Hope you get over your sore throat.

  2. This was a very rant-y blog lol. I was just amazed how one thing fell apart after another. We have all had those days I am sure. But thank you, I was able to handle it, but I can’t lie, after they went to bed, I had a cocktail. A strong cocktail. 🙂

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