To Liebster with Love

I was more than pleasantly surprised to find I had been chosen for a Liebster award.  I had no idea what it was, but thanks to Mom in Two Cultures the awesome blogger who bestowed this upon me, I found out.

From what I can tell, it is given to bloggers with a smaller number of followers to bring attention to small blogs.  Yes please!

I think this is a wonderful thing and I am going to pass on the blove (Blog Love) and give a huge shout out to Mom in Two Cultures and a few other bloggers I have been following.  Now, that being said, I am a wee bit of a n00b since my return to blogging so excuse any errors or links to porn sites, (just kidding) that I may screw up trying to get this right. 

I would like to also bestow a Liebster to the following:


The Accidental Coochie Mama.
Love Love Love her.  Love her writing and her wit and all of it.  She may have too many followers to qualify, but idgaf.  Love. 

Every Day in a Dress.
I just love this blog.  She only wears dresses and documents each one.  And she is just beautiful, as are her dresses. 

Raw Once More
I love this blog.  I can’t remember how I found it but I find her fascinating and I can’t wait to learn more about her as her blogs continue. 

Question posed to the above awesome women:

  1. Why do you blog?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. Morning person or Night owl? Or both? 

Feel free to link your responses in the comments below!  

The questions posed to me:

What is my favorite TV show?
Anything involving cooking.  Food network, Top Chef, The Cooking channel.  I am obsessed.  Literally.  Oh and Mad Men and Breaking Bad.  Ok, It said show not show(s) but I like lots. 

What app do you wish existed but doesn’t?
Find my keys app.  I am losing those bastards at least three times a week.  Ok more like ten, but tit for tat.

If you could travel anywhere where would you go?
I would love to travel America.  I would love to get into a camper and just see the good ole US.  Take a month and eat and explore and discover.  Then off to St. Croix.  Just sayin.

What cartoon character do you most identify with?
Elmer Fudd.  I am not going to give a reason because it is more mysterious that way.

Which is worse, cooking or cleaning?
I love to cook.  LOVE to cook.  But sometimes I don’t wanna.  But I really hate cleaning.  I do it, but I hate it.  I hope to make millions to have people do that for me.  No nannies, just people to dust off my ceiling fans.  Blech.

What is your favorite book?
All time: The Shining – Stephen King
Recent:  Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

What is your earliest Memory?
Playing with my cousins at my grandparents house in their pool.  I loved that damned house.  On the beach, in ground pool.  What more could you EVER need?

Do you like Roller Coasters?
As long as they don’t spin like the Teacups.  High low, backwards upside down, BRING IT.  In a circle, oh hell no I am going to hurl.

Are you good in math? 
I am bad at math, good with numbers.  And in Finance (for now)  Wrap your head around that one.

What is your pet peeve?
Late people.  I HATE to be made to wait.  Makes me feel like you don’t find my time important.  I mean stuff happens and that is one thing, but the chronically late.  Urgggghhhh….

Why do you blog?
I blog because I am a bit uptight *cough*a lot*cough* and it is my outlet.  It helps me breathe.  It inspires me.  It helps me in my short story writing.  Writing every day is crucial and I forgot that for a while.  Blogging has reminded me again. 

Next post, the follow up/update to Holy Shit I just quit my job

As Always,


Woman on Pause

6 thoughts on “To Liebster with Love

  1. Blogshit. I love it. 🙂

    Thank you for including me in this list. I have received several awards of late, and I mean to acknowledge them in a post and ALWAYS forget. I must, MUST do a thank you post this weekend.

    I’m glad I found your blog. It’s fun to get to know other people in this crazy world.

  2. Thank you for your beautiful words. I am so pleased you like my blog. I have to much followers to participate in another Liebster award blogroll but I will sourly mention you, and answer your questions. Thank you one more time!

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