Holy Shit, I quit my job.

So.  The big news.

I quit.


Well, I put in my three week notice, but you get the point.

I know what you are thinking, big friggin deal?  You start a new job and life goes on.  Blah, Blah Blah.

Nope.  I am not starting a new job.  I have no job waiting.  I am quitting work, and for the summer spending the time with my two boys and being a housewife.  Then I am going to maybe have hip surgery (again), then I am going back to school.  All the while blogging and writing like a frantic monkey on meth. Have.never.had.this.much.time.to.write.

The thing that makes me happy and feel personally fulfilled. <——-The Meth Monkey thing.

This is big because if you knew me, you would know I have NEVER NOT worked.  Ever.  I began work at age 12.  Working for my Grandfather behind the counter of his store.  Then at 16 I interned at an office locally and waited tables.  At 17, the damned Monday after graduation, I started my first 9-5.  Then from there it was basically a new job every 3-6 years.  Each one moving up the ladder.  Leading me to Accounting then Finance.

Then 2008 happened.  I took a major hit going from a Manager at a very nice salary, to a peon with a crappy hourly salary with a two hour commute.  I have done this now for three years.

After the hubs and I crunched the numbers it just didn’t make sense to send the boys to day camp (PRICEY Motherfucker Day camps are) while I spend tons in gas and wear and tear to Prince Valium to make jack shit.

So we decided I would quit.


This is why I restarted this blog a week or two back.

I am going to be documenting going from a 9-5 day job for 19 years. to being a Stay at Home Mom.

Heyyyyyyyyy, wait.  Don’t be that way.  This won’t be a mommy blog.  I mean those are great and all, and I have learned many crafts and recipes, but this is going to document the journey.

My Journey.

And I am damned excited/scared/freaked out/stoked/completely unprepared.

This shit should be interesting.

Stay tuned.

It just gets better from here.

Or I go down in flames.

Either way, it makes for good reading.  Don’tchathink??

Holy shit no pictures.

As always,and stay tuned.

Woman on Pause

8 thoughts on “Holy Shit, I quit my job.

  1. I actually got a new wedding band from the hubs today, he said, “This is a band to represent the new chapter in our life.” Took me out to dinner, had the boys give me flowers, what a day. I can breathe….

  2. WOW. Good for you. Came over here from the Bloggess because how could I *not* read a post titled “Holy Shit, I quit my job”? I want to hear about everything.

  3. It has literally in one day, been the most exciting, scary journey I have ever taken. And it has only been 24 hours. Life changing things are friggin awesome! Except the paralyzing fear thing. That kinda blows. New post coming tonight. A bit of a review. So glad you both stopped by. Yay!!!

  4. BTW, I ❤ the Bloggess. So funny, I have been out of the blogosphere so long I had no idea who to begin to follow. Then I went looking for an audio book, a funny one, and hers was suggested. I checked her out, love her posts and then BAM, here you are. Funny how the world works. 🙂

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