WTF is all this mess?

I may do this from time to time.  Just let everyone know that I see way too much shit in my daily travels.  I have seen some things today that I must share.

Join me will you? I can’t say it will be pretty.

Example #1


Yeah, I left my Songza username on there. Follow me. My taste in music is eclectic and friggin awesome. You’re welcome.

There are several things wrong with this picture.  First and foremost, what the hell is with that shoe that Nordstrom’s is trying to sell.  My first thought as I was trying to, “Like” Ghetto Superstar on Songza, is I was unaware Goodwill advertised Dirty ASS shoes online.  I swear to God that was what I thought.

Then I clicked and was transported to the land of shoe fuckery.


$275.00  Totally worth it.  Totes.

These shoes are $275.00  I could buy approximately 102.230 boxes of Mr. Clean Dry erasers to clean this exact shoe.  And any other stubborn household stains. And save the ridicule that comes with wearing this shoe.

Yes, I know it is a man’s shoe, but let’s not get all tangled in the details.

Here’s the link.  In case you all think I got crazy with the photoshops.

That was the first thing.  Did anyone also notice in the first screen grab the kinda sketch of Zach Galifianakis wearing a man bag, to sell a non man bag in the right bottom corner?  We will have to address that another day.

Example #II

And then there was this.

My hubs brought these home the other day, and they looked all fancy and “Baked fresh to GO!”  Um no.

These fake wanna be Twinkies are posers.  They kinda taste like them.  But then again they really just damned well don’t.

Oh and Sara Lee please stop trying to convince me that these things would last no later than the stamped on date.  I.Am.Not.Buying.It.


May 21 2013 huh?  Yeah I don’t think so.  May 21 2031 perhaps.

My final say, don’t bother.  I am sure they were more than twinkies, and obviously if you don’t get them fast they will go bad in a week.  These are not things I am looking for in my snack cake.

There were many other anomalies that I came across today, but I stopped half way through this blog to make the hubs a sandwhich before night shift, played Candy Crush and now I am sleepy.

Any one else see some messed up nonsense lately?

And no, the news doesn’t count.  It is a friggin nightmare in that arena.

As always,

Woman on Pause.



Photo Credit

Shoes, I linked above.
Nasty ass snack cakes, My own pics.

One thought on “WTF is all this mess?

  1. I apologize for the large amounts of profanity in this blog. Well not really. But kinda. I was having such a bad day, and the cursing flows like wine on bad days. And I can’t say this shit in front of my kids, so it falls on all of my tens of readers. Boo-ya

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