Candy Crush – The Crack of Game Apps

So Shiny....

So Shiny….

I am not sure if any of you tens of readers play this game they call, “Candy Crush.”  It is a highly addictive game made by a company called “King.”

Check it on out here.

I feel like a dealer.  I am personally responsible for addicting several friends and family to this game.  I am not sure if “Addicting” is the correct way to put it, but I am leaving it that way because I feel like a bad pusher.  And they play constantly.  Like moi.

“Hey man, you seen this new game?  It is crazy!  Check it out, it is free……. at first.”

It is technically free.  But how they get you is that you can be SOOOOOOOOOOOOO close to winning you can conveniently buy these tools to try and win, or more lives or more moves for that board.

Or you can beg on Facebook for your other addict friends and family to send you some.

I have been there.  It wasn’t pretty.

Mmmm Hmmm

It is the devil.

But I can’t seem to stop.  I am at level 89 and I am hoping that fleshing out the dirty laundry that is this candy coated menace may finally tear me away.

I doubt it.



So, it is a lot like Bejeweled.  You match the similar one’s to get the effect desired.  Not much more to say about it.  Different goals for different boards.  Looks a bit like this.


The only reason this game is addictive is because they only give you five turns.  If I was able just to hack away at this game over and over and over I would have burned out a month ago.  But noooooo, they keep you interested by cutting you off.  Sound familiar?

“Hey, check this out!  Fun huh?  Well the first five are free but then I’m gonna have to cut you off.”

As stated above, unless you want to beg your friends.

It isn’t a proud moment, but then you are thrilled to have 450 notifications, which by the way also come to my phone, asking no BEGGING for a life from your family and friends.  Muahaha, I am not the only one!!!

Oh, that’s right.  I brought them all here. I am the Pied Piper of annoying computer games.

Already has a hodgepodge of meme's.

Already has a hodgepodge of meme’s.

Oh well.

I thwarted a grocery cart the other day from careening into a very nice Mazda  so that was my good deed.  Bringing Candy Crush to the masses was my bad deed.  Hopefully they all even out?

No one wants bad karma.  Especially bad gaming karma.
Just sayin.

If I have introduced this to you for the first time and you begin to play, You’re Welcome & I am sorry.  All at the same time.


As Always,

Woman on Pause

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