A Re-Introduction.

Hi.  My name is Sarah. Remember me?  I used to write kick ass blog posts and short stories.  Forever and a damned day ago.  (See below for kick-ass-ness)

I have been gone a while.  A really long while.  At least from this or any blog for that matter. You will be thrilled to know I have been in a remote tropic locale enjoying the warm breeze and relaxing on a beach with a good book and a cocktail.  I even thought to include a picture of my hiatus.


I know what you are thinking.  How dare that bitch come here and brag about her hiatus, whatever the hell that is.

This was a doodle I did the other day while on the phone.  I have not been on hiatus, vacation, sabbatical, or even been jaunting.  I have been a wife, a mom, and a worker bee.  And I had the largest writers block known to man.  I just couldn’t write.


I think I got a case of the scared’s.  Yes Scared-s.  It is a word.  Well, it is my word.

Hell I didn’t even finish the doodle.

But, I am working my way back to my cozy home in my head where all the writing spills out here.  Two blogs. One day. This my friend is a trend.

Granted, these aren’t exactly “Think Pieces” that are going to change how you feel about a current issue we all hold close to our hearts.

Very rarely will this blog do that anyway.  Even on it’s best day.  I like to write & I like to laugh.  I also like to use the Ampersand.


Why yes, I did get my hair cut! Aren’t you the sweetest for noticing!!

Glad to meet you all again, you nameless faceless readers.  You have been missed.

I leave you today with a self portrait I painstakingly sketched over about a year.  I did it in charcoal and ink.  Enjoy and I will see YOU and yes even you in the back, very very soon.

As Always,

Woman on Pause

P.S.  I know that the events yesterday in Boston are heavily on everyone’s minds, including my own.  I was going to address it, but what more can be said at this point.  I hope that those injured are recovering, justice is served, and that the families who lost are comforted as much as can be expected at this time.


One thought on “A Re-Introduction.

  1. Ok, so I tried to post this around 4 times. Each time my edit’s were gone. Then the post was gone. This one is sloppy at best but if I correct it, it will run away and hide. So, sorry for the bad formatting but not the fantabulous doodles. I never apologize for doodles.

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