FINE… sheesh

Well hello there internet.  How are you today? 

Me?  I am a bit dazed and confused but mostly doing ok.   

This week has been a hodgepodge of bizarreness (WOP developed word. Feel free to use), bad news, and general all around pissiness for me.  The entire week. 

How does that happen?  I mean I have had a few bad days, but an entire Week?

Oh well, (knock on wood) it is almost done now.  And nothing has been so severe as to be life altering.  Well, maybe a couple of things, but they are luckily still in the pipeline.  So their severity and effect are remaining to be seen. Or I will just close my eyes, plug my ears, and scream “Nananananananana I can’t Hear youuuuuuuuu” the next time something comes up.

In better “Hell’s Yeah!” News, I am coming upon my 1st anniversary with my Husband.  And that is a wonderful thing.  So, while I am still trying super hard to get my writing done, over the last few weeks it has taken all my strength (literally) to just get through work, get the kids to bed, then pass out.  So I may be a little while with the fiction, but I will try and at least bring some funny.

So, my faithful readers, I wanted to stop in, say Hallo, and wish you all a wonderful weekend.  I hope you are all safe and snug and come out of it unscathed. 

Because let’s be honest, that is all any of us can hope for right?

Viva la Non-Scathed!

Me this week…



As always,

 Woman on Pause

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