There is no Justice – Update

*Update – I received notification this weekend that they are going to go ahead and sue me.  It will be up to a judge to decide if I have to pay.  Yeah… We shall see if a permanently hurt woman with no assets, no savings, and a less than middle class salary will have to pay the woman and the insurance company that disabled me in the first place.  Let the fun begin.

Just to be clear, I realize that there are people out there falsely accused and in prison for crimes they didn’t commit.  There are people who have committed crimes who were never brought to justice.  And I realize that my piddly little complaint, while not little to me, is not like the above aforementioned situations.

That being said, I believe for me, for this situation, there is no justice.

Long story short, was rear ended while stopped and have had a documented medical condition ever since.  Even have had surgery for said problem, and am still not right.

So I sue the woman who hit me.  Basically suing her insurance company so I can try to get the surgery done, because my medical bills are through the roof.

I lost.


But I had agreed that basically if I got less than what they offered in mediation, which by the way wouldn’t have even covered the leans on the settlement, and definitely not any actual medical care, that I would be responsible for court costs. 

But we really had a solid case.  Even my lawyers were stunned we lost.

So now, I am probably going to be sued for 25,000 to pay her INSURANCE company.

Which means, I will have to file bankruptcy.  If they garnish my wages I will lose everything.  The price of gas alone has us in a real bad spot. 

So, now that I have typed this out, I feel a bit better. 

The hope is, they will realize I don’t have anything and it is a fruitless effort and will decline to enforce me to pay.  But I have my doubts.  Then it is time to find a bankruptcy lawyer.

Oh and I still hurt.  Still not fixed.  Still can’t afford to get the tear in my hip fixed.

I am so hurt.  I didn’t want a pay day.  I just wanted enough to get the surgery, recover, and cover medical expenses. 

My small county thought I didn’t deserve that.  So now I may owe HER and HER Insurance company 25K.

The Karma Karma Cameleon just shit in my cornflakes.

As Always,

Woman on Pause about to be broke ass woman on pause…

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