The ramblings of a Woman on Pause…

What a horrible morning.  I mean really icky.  I will spare the details. 

It just sucked, take my word for it.

But, I am almost glad.  It was one of those mornings when you realize, “Wow, I have had my head up my ass for quite some time now.  So much so I didn’t even realize it was there.”

So.  I am vowing here and now, to remove said head from said ass and try reaaaalllllllllly hard to fix my issues.  I mean we all have them.  But I have had mine for so long and they have started to make me turn.

Like bad milk.

And there is no excuse for that. 

While I hold no dillusions of perfection, I do hold the hope I have not sunk so far down the rabbit hole I can’t find my way back out.

Because that is a cop-out.  And that is not how I roll.

Vague enough for ya?

Nah, I just really need to try to work through feeling badly (due to being in pain.) And try super freaky hard to chill the hell out.  Life is passing me by as I count my boo’s and hoo’s.

Happy Tuesday to you all, and I hope you find your icky and make it into something good.

I mean, if we can’t do that then we can’t evolve.  Correctamundo?

This nonsensical whateveritmaybe is brought to you by…

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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