When I woke.

 I woke last night and the first thing that appeared to me was the light coming through my doorway.  It was reflected onto my ceiling looking as if a large black door with light behind it loomed over me as I slept.  I remember thinking, is this a sign?  Are there doors are everywhere?  Open doors, doors that are barely cracked, begging to be opened. Are they hiding around every corner even in my sleep?

 Then it disappeared.  I thought at first, who shut my door?  Who would close it and shut out the light just as I was realizing that there may be so many doors open out there?  Then I began to wonder, was it there at all?  Are all of these doors mirages?  Are they all a cliché? 

Then I realized it disappeared because I shut my eyes.  I had fallen back asleep and my eyes heavy with exhaustion shut without me realizing.  When I woke the next morning remembering my dream this made a lot of sense.  My minute or two during the middle of the night contemplating doorways or the metaphor for opportunity helped me realize…

If you shut your eyes, all the doors disappear.   

While it may sound simple and silly, it is true.  If I chose to be blind to these doors, these chances for change, or opportunity then they do not exist.


Amazing what sleep and dreams can show our waking minds.   

As Always,

Woman on Pause

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