I am the worst blogger. EVER.

Holy Shit balls batman, I forgot, “Ten Things I Hate…” 8-10. 

It must be the longest running, no one’s reading, blog of all damned time. 

So, since I left work early, because, well I could.  Here we go.

Or part two… 

*Note – It won’t LET me link the first one.  What the Frig?  Seriously?  You can find the first one linked on the 2nd blog.  Or to the right.  This seems so trite right now…

#8 – Photobombers. 

You see me.  Poised and ready to shoot A&B with gorgeous landscape C behind them, but you actually tried to run in front of us.  Now, I have a picture of them, and it looks like I took a blurry you and photoshopped it in.  If this weren’t the time of digital camera’s I would say this is punishable by death.

Or at least by repeated picture taking of one’s self for hours on end until flash poisoning is obtained.

“I CAN MAKE IT!!!!!”

It did make for one funny site though.  http://thisisphotobomb.memebase.com/

#9 Cable

I don’t need 455 channels.  I don’t.  And you asshole’s charge me either $49.95 for basic or $59.95 for the remaining 405 channels.  Who is going to pass that up?  No one. 

So after taxes, interstate regulation fees, & fees to Satan’s Accountant you are now paying 80 bucks. 

I just want to watch Top Chef and maybe 4 other shows.  That does not constitute 1,000 a year.  It just doesn’t you greedy commie bastards.

PS I heart Top Chef.  And since I got rid of cable I will have to download it from iTunes for 25 smackeroos.  They get you coming or going I swear.

#10 – Blogs that go on and on and on.

This one won’t be one. 

Happy New Year.  Eat, Drink, & Be Merry.  You can even Gorge, over consume and be a complete friggin idiot. 

Just don’t drink and drive.

As always,

Woman on Pause

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