Rawwwwr. Pfft Pfft.

That is the noise a kitty makes when it is pissed. 

That was my entire last week.  Up until about Sunday.  No wait, until about noon today (Monday).  Oh to break off the spoke in my menstrual cycle.  Two days ago I would dip it in chocolate and eaten it.  Or shaved it down and used it as a shank.  Could have gone either way.

Worst part, I am post menopausal.  This crap is supposed to be done!  Oh well, it tis what it tis.  Hence the name, Woman on Pause.

So, haven’t been able to put finger to keys lately and that is because I have actually been working!  And actually got a permanent position.  Yay to the almighty Moi. All this means my tens of readers is that I won’t post as often, but it will be more quality stuff.

You know, like anything dipped in chocolate. 

So, with that, I will bid you all a fair ado.  I am off to wrestle nine loads of laundry to the ground while slaying a heat and eat lasagna with my trusty microwave steed.  Giddey up GE!  Giddy up.

I don’t hate housework so much, but I don’t love it.  And when there is an endless list of things to do, I want to do this to said list.

Fire Fire Fire

See, even the flame doesn’t want to work. 

Badd ump bum pssst….

As Always,

Woman on Pause.

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