Neo-Nazi – Tattoo Shy?

Meet John Allen Ditullio.  This gentleman is suspected of murder in New Port Richey, FL.  This will be the second trial for the 2008 home invasion, murder of a young man, and injury to a young woman.

Tattoos?  What tattoos?

Now, I am not usually one to judge anyone before they are judged by a jury of their peers.  That is the basis of our judicial system.  While I agree is flawed, it works sixty percent of the time, all of the time.

What makes this story interesting is the Judge presiding over the trial decided to allow Mr. Richey to have his tattoos covered by a court appointed cosmetologist. To the tune of $150.00 per day. 

Maybe I should get some concealer and powder and rethink my career choice after hearing the surprisingly high fee.  After further thought, I would not want to sponge makeup on this man.  I take it all back.

Seems he doesn’t want the jury to see the curse word, barbed wire, and swastika that is on his face/head/body.  He feels, or he and his attorney feel, it may cause the jury to judge him unfairly.

Well duh.

I have a tattoo.  I know people who have many tattoos.  I think they are a wonderful way to express yourself.  I actually wouldn’t mind another.  That being said, how is it that a jury isn’t allowed to see them?  He wasn’t disfigured or tattooed against his will was he?

No.  He consciously chose to let the world know, he digs Hitler and/or Nazi principles, and the barbed wire that encompasses his world view.  Which he has every right to do.

So why is the State of Florida paying for a person to come in and cover them up?  These are life choices.  I have no idea whether or not he killed that poor man or injured that woman. NO CLUE. But I do know he wanted the tattoos and now he wants them hidden because he might be judged unfairly.  REALLY??

What I do know, is that if you choose to ink it, you choose to live with it.  It isn’t one tattoo or two, but from what I can tell numerous tattoos. I am going to give a collective sigh, of “What the Eff?” on this one. 

It is hard enough being a Floridian.  Yes, we have sun and mild temperatures but we also have some of the most horrid, insane, heartless, and at times humorous criminals. 

Do you think he should have been allowed to cover his tats?

As always,

Woman on Pause

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