10 Things I Hate about… Part II

Hi all. 

I am going to try to finish the “10 Things I hate…”  But I must be honest, I am in a pretty bad mood this morning.   To see the first installment, clicky clicky right here at Ten Things I Hate…


Again, I am in the land of pissiness and it is draped with sarcasm and ickiness.  Not a pretty place, enter at your own risk.

Deep Breath – Here we go…

  • 5 – Rude People.   As a whole I don’t think people are bad.  But there are enough out there acting badly that they are ruining it for our kind.  I am basing this on the experience I have with strangers only.  There isn’t an internet long enough to voice my displeasure about people I have known.

Is it so hard to smile?  I smile at every person I pass in these halls here at work and about 3% smile back.  You know what, Fuck you.  I now wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.  I really could give a shit what the reason is you can’t muster the sides of your mouth to rise in return.  I dont’ know you people, I am not here for your job, I do not smell like 8 days of hot ass, so be kind.  I could use a smile lately.  When I throw one out and get ignored, well, I hope your staplers jam.


Not a frown, but a Grimace...

  • 6 – People who take advantage.  Those people who sue over hot coffee.  The people who stay on government assistance for more time than they should just because they don’t want to work.  People who manipulate systems.  People who take seven pennies or more out of the take a penny, give a penny bowl. 

Frequently, I stop and wonder what makes them feel so entitled?  What makes them more worthy than someone who might actually need it?  Well, you all know who you are, and I believe in karma and I hope that it comes nine hundred fold you greedy bastards.

Blinded by the almighty D

* I may get a Hallmark job after this doozy of a post.

  • 7 – Wal-Mart – Yes, I hate Wal-Mart.  The only one’s that are around anymore are the SUPER Wal-Marts.  There is nothing more infuriating than realizing you have to go back one square mile because you forgot razors and you are now in the veggie section. 

And why is it they can’t put your bags in the cart for you anymore?  Have we really whittled down this position to just snarls, smacking gum, and putting an item over a scanner?  I always leave a bag on the spinning bag holder.  You can’t see through them, I don’t know if I got them all.  This is why there are baggers.  I need the baggers, I would be willing to pay and tip!  Better than trying later to claim a missing bag.   “Um it was a bag full of Allspice, Gorilla Glue, and other stuff in isle, 8,9,10,11, or maybe it was 44.”

I mean no offense to cashiers Wal-Mart or otherwise.  Just seems the one’s at Wal-Mart are all around dissatisfied with their career plan.  As am I at times, but I am not squishing your bread now am I? 

Self Checkout you say? I do use self checkout whenever possible but there is always that game of, can I scan these bananas? Or will I have to turn on the flashing blue moron siren so a blue vest can come mock me and talk to me like I am stupid for not being able to weigh/scan/ring up my own Chiquita’s.

He will roll back your SOUL!

  • #8 – Buzzkills and generally annoying negative people. Which I seem to be today.   So my sincerest apologies but this must be a three parter. 

I will do my best to be in a bit of a better mood for eight through ten.  Promise. 

Now, I am going to go into the bathroom, lock the door, scream my head off, rip my shirt off, turn green, and try to start this day over correctly.


“You wouldn’t like me angry…” –   Thank you Bill Bixby, Thank you.


As always,

Woman on Pause

Photo Credits: *Please note, I don’t look at the sites I get these from, so no, I have no opinion or give-a-shitness about what they say.  I only care about my own site.  So sorry if they lead anywhere that is uncozy.  Like Neverland Ranch or something.





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