*Sings* Vacation all I ever wanted…

Ah, the Go-Go’s.  And if you don’t get the connection then I do not loathe you so much as envy your youth.  I was born in 1977 and was an 80’s kid.  The 80’s were something.  Side ponytails, jelly shoes, cocaine…

Wait, you aren’t expecting a flash back 80’s blog are you?

Tsk Tsk.

I would think that 2004-2009 took care of the flashbacks, surveys, blogs, VH-1 specials, etc.  Yes, I know it was a pogo ball.  I had one, I fell on my face.  Thanks for the memories.

No, this quick post is to let you all (I see I get up to eight views a day you WILEY audience) know, no continuation to yesterday’s blog.  At least not today.  Today I am sleeping in.  I am taking the only kind of vacation I can right now.

I asked for today off.  That means I am sleeping in until 6am then a doctor’s appointment an hour away at 1:30PM then back to get the kids.

Stop it.  No, you can’t have my travel agent’s info.  He would be BOMBARDED with calls and I would never do that to him.

Vacation,Staycation, Lamecation is more like it.  Who can afford to go anywhere?  Oh that’s right, 85% of my facebook friends.  Great, you are doing well financially good for you.  I hope you choke on a paper umbrella or have Mickey grope you inappropriately. 

The mouse has a bad streak I just know it.

So.  Enjoy your Friday.  I know I will enjoy the little bit of time between 9:00am and noon I get to spend with my hubby.  No sarcasm there, I dig him lots.  Like I love him and we went in front of a short lady in a big building and paid money to have her tell us not to be stupid, then we were married.

It was awesome :D*

*You will hardly EVER see me do that.  The smiley thing.  I actually did it, so I put it on there. JUDGE YE NOT. If you judge me I will judge you then we are all judgey and that reminds me of fudgey and dammit I am on a diet.


See, look what you all made me do.  I googled pictures of fudge then started thinking about dessert, then I thought about this, and now, well, I have to go find one.  Good job readers.  Good Job.  Hmpf. 

My most favorite dessert

Sigh.  TGIF. 

As Always,

Woman on Pause.

Photo Credit


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