An Announcement

I was reading Hyperbole and a Half, a blog I Highly recommend, and she confirmed a sneaky notion I had been toying with.  Or at least she touched upon it. 

Big paragraphs scare readers (Completely paraphrased as I do not want to switch screens and lose my thought choo choo.)

So, I here by promise to have shorter blogs with shorter paragraphs. 

I decided this finally when I was looking through WordPress’s blogs and ran across what I am sure is a nice guy and found myself reading paragraph one, and half of two than scrolling, scrolling, and now I am here.

I don’t want that.

All internet dwellers that I know are OCDADHDQRST and I have no desire to bore anyone with long drawn out ramblings.  My ramblings will be big, bold, and cute.  Like Rainbow Brite.

Unless of course it is short fiction.  Of which, I will warn in advance.  It will sound like this;

Warning.  Long paragraphs/post ahead.  Proceed with caution.  Focus or move along.  This may bore you. There are many other short cute Rainbow Brite like Posts for you to ogle down there.  Scroll.  Click. Be Well.”

I realize this is my 3rd post, but I had to get it out. 


As Always,

Woman on Pause

OH!  If you want to see Hyperbole and a Half.  A HOOT I tell ya, it is here.



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